Going Down The List: Koufuku Graffiti


As I said when I wrote about it a few months ago, Koufuku Graffiti was one of my favourite shows of 2015, mostly because it reminded me of Hidamari Sketch in terms of setting and story and Sasami-san in terms of art quality. More specifically, it’s one of those shows where most of the scenes are so mundane that you end up forgetting most of the details and only remember the really impressive, touching or funny scenes.

And for me, there were fortunately many scenes of those kinds. The impressive scenes were mostly ones with stylistic flair in terms of the art, such as the selectively coloured and very Shaft-y shot below. The touching scenes, on the other hand, usually revolved around the main characters enjoying each other’s company while eating food. Granted, these scenes were also usually visually beautiful and interesting, but that’s not what made them touching. And finally, the majority of the funny scenes involved Shiina and/or Tsuyuko, Shiina’s maid. That’s not to say that Ryou and Kirin were boring and unfunny, but Shiina was clearly intended to be a tsukkomi in certain scenes.

Considering I already wrote about the show recently, it’s hard to come up with new stuff to say, so I’d just like to reiterate that I’m disappointed that Koufuku Graffiti did so poorly in terms of sales and that no sequel is being planned. This is not just due to the fact that I like the show in itself, it’s also because I like most of Shaft’s shows and recently they haven’t done many new ones. Sure, I like watching every installment of Monogatari and it’s a reasonable treatment for my Shaft-ache, but what if their next project, 3gatsu no Lion, is also a dud? It may very well be successful, I know the source material is, but what if it ends up being another Mekakucity Actors? I know this is an unreasonable wish, but I wish they’d either continue some of their less successful franchises or at least pick up a few more new ones. Monogatari is all good and stuff, but I want to see them make something else for once.


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