Going Down The List: Little Witch Academia


In the beginning (of 2013), Trigger made Inferno Cop, and God saw that it was good (by God I mean me and by good I mean I enjoyed it). Early on in 2013 Trigger also made Little Witch Academia, which is about as far away from Inferno Cop as you can possibly get. LWA has beautiful backgrounds, nice animation and a mostly family-friendly non-gross story. And, unlike Inferno Cop, it has a sequel – Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to guess that Little Witch Academia is a mahou shoujo movie, it actually differs from most other works in that genre. The story is more akin to a mix between Harry Potter and traditional fairy tales/fantasy stories for children. There are no antagonist characters(though there are monsters that are antagonistic toward the main characters) and in general the story and characters feel more like something out of a Disney movie than a mahou shoujo anime.

My family(apart from my brother) don’t know that I watch anime, but if they did, and if I had a niece, then Little Witch Academia would be the thing that I’d show them first. As I already mentioned, it’s mostly family friendly, but it’s also not “too complicated” in terms of its story and themes(because it feels somewhat like a traditional fairy tale). Most importantly, though, I really liked it, and I really liked the sequel. It’s good and wholesome fun for the whole family (maybe). And it has funny faces.

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