Going Down The List: Macross

Because I’m talking about a whole franchise and not a specifically linkable series/movie, I’m linking to the first installment that I’ve actually seen.


Talking about the whole franchise at the same time instead of making a separate post for almost every installment(some are more connected than others) may seem questionable, but this is the way I’m doing it because I don’t feel like I have enough to say about the individual series/movies. Also, my affection for the franchise stems not only from whether I liked all the individual installments themselves but also from the fact that the installments are so different from each other. The disconnects make the franchise as a whole more interesting to me than, for instance, UC Gundam(I still haven’t even tried to watch Zeta).

The first installment that I saw of Macross was the 1984 movie Macross: Do You Remember Love?, and I really liked it. In spite of its age it’s one of the best-looking anime movies I’ve seen, and the story was pretty interesting as well. The fact that it’s an alternate telling of the events in the original TV series made the first half of it confusing to me, but afterward I didn’t really have any desire to go back and watch the TV series, so I think it worked pretty well as an alternate story. After DYRL I continued chronologically in release order, watching Flash Back 2012, Macross II: Lovers Again and Macross Plus, skipping Macross 7 due to its length and finally watching Macross Zero. I’m planning to go back to 7 at some point but right now it’s not a priority.

GDTL Macross II

And now for the controversial stuff. My favourite Macross series/movie so far is Macross II, mostly due to the lack of a love triangle and the fact that I loved the action-heavy second half. In contrast, my least favourite installment is Macross Plus, mostly because I disliked Isamu as a character. Yeah, it’s a really good-looking (and -sounding) series, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I also understand why people dislike Macross II – it’s because it had very little to do with the franchise as a whole and Shoji Kawamori was not involved in the making of it – but I liked it nonetheless. I also kind of enjoyed watching Macross Zero and especially its action scenes, which have been criticised for being CGI. I personally found the CG pretty good, especially by early 2000s standards.

GDTL Macross Plus

I’m not done with Macross, though, far from it. As I already said I plan on watching Macross 7 at some point, and after that I will most likely watch Macross Frontier. I’ve heard good and bad things about both, but that hasn’t discouraged me. First, however, I will be watching Macross Delta. Actually, as of the time of publication for this post I’ve probably already seen a number of episodes of Delta, because as of Spring 2016 it’s currently airing! I can’t promise I’ll stick with it until the very end, I might end up disliking it after all, but from what I saw of the preview episode that aired right before New Year’s, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. It reminded me of AKB0048 in a very good way. I’m glad Macross exists, and that more of it continues to be made.


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