Going Down The List: Makura no Danshi


Makura no Danshi, or Pillow Boys, is a series of 12 4-minute episodes that aired in Summer 2015. It has no overarching or continuous story, it’s just a series of short scenes with different characters as seen in first-person view through the eyes of various people into whom the viewer is supposed to insert themselves. As such, it’s not a very good anime, and the fact that it’s barely animated (it’s mostly a slideshow) doesn’t help. So why did I even watch it in the first place? (Apart from episode 11, of course, pictured below)

Well, it turns out that Makura no Danshi was quite fun to livetweet while watching. This was mostly due to the dialogue being so stilted and awkward that it was impossible not to find it hilarious. It was also fun to take lines out of context and tell an entirely different story. That only applied to most of the show, though. The remaining part consisted of genuinely uplifting and comforting lines such as “good job”, “you deserve rest” and “you deserve to be appreciated” which work regardless of the gender of the viewer, even though it’s obvious that the viewer-insert character is supposed to be a woman.

The show has an unintended dark side to it, however, which ties into how the viewer-insert character is supposed to be a woman and how the show is aimed at women. What I mean is that the show got extremely creepy at times, such as in the scene pictured above. I don’t know about other people, but if I was a woman I would not fantasise about waking up and falling asleep around strange men in public places. Hell, even as a man I find the very idea of it frightening. Even if the men were not complete strangers, as is the case in some of the episodes, the atmosphere of the show did not feel innocent, and that scared me. Sometimes I was able to turn this creepiness into comedy by, as I said above, taking lines out of context, but watching those scenes was still not a pleasant experience. And because of that I can’t recommend this show to anyone, not even for comedic purposes, because I imagine it’d cause more nightmares than laughter.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Makura no Danshi

  1. I just found the whole concept of this show a little weird. Out of curiosity I watched two or three of the episodes just to see how they were going to do a show around a different pillow boy and it is interesting how they’ve put it together but it still isn’t exactly entertaining. Also, I did find the way the characters just kept leering out at you kind of creepy.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, I found the concept strange as well. Like, this feels like something that an anime would parody, not something an actual anime does seriously.

      But I guess that’s one of the reasons I got so weirdly curious about the show.

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