Going Down The List: Mayo Chiki!


Mayo Chiki splashed onto my radar when it was referenced in one of the two seasons of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (aka Haganai), which I was watching in January 2013. In retrospect I kind of regret watching Haganai because it really wasn’t a very good show, but what I really regret is watching Mayo Chiki. I don’t remember much about it, but it was not, by any measure, a good show.

First of all, and probably worst of all, not only does Mayo Chiki rely almost entirely on old, overused and tired tropes such as the main character getting a nosebleed if a girl touches him (to the point where he will literally pass out if it gets too bad) and the other main character being a girl who dresses as a boy because of <insert sad backstory here>, it takes those tropes to obnoxiously high levels of repetition, on top of which the show doesn’t have a conclusive ending. It’s the worst of the most generic part of the ecchi harem genre. It’s utterly forgettable and I see no value in watching it.

Not even Kureha, the little sister of the main character, can salvage it. Sure, she’s kind of wonderful and voiced by HanaKana, but at the end of the day she’s still “the brocon imouto character”. The fact that she can wrestle a bear and win does make her my favourite character, but by the standards of this show that’s not a very prestigious title.


4 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Mayo Chiki!

  1. Kureha’s not a brocon though, she’s into Subaru who she thinks is a boy? It’s actually what I liked in that series – only Subaru and ojousama who knows Subaru’s secret are into the MC, but there are two girls in the group that are into Subaru instead (Kureha and Usami), and one that’s a fujo and ships both “boys”. Yes, the sob story was bad but at least gave me another cute dad played by Keiji Fujiwara, and I thought MC’s “reason” for nosebleeds was interesting – although it might just have been my first time seeing any justification.
    What I especially liked about Mayo Chiki (and Haganai as well) were the visuals, especially the ecchi fanservice, they really appealed to me. This is why I absolutely hated the LN it’s based on, because yes, it is stupid and dumb and has no charm whatsoever. The only part that interested me was the ojou reading Jojo part 5 in a manga cafe, which in anime was changed to Titans. But as a harem anime it’s one of my favourites.

  2. I think I dropped it after 4-5 episodes. I thought the concept was at least interesting back in the day. And I did like Kanade.

    That’s about it lol

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