Going Down The List: Mekakucity Actors


When it comes to Mekakucity Actors, the problem is not that I don’t remember much about it, it’s just that I can’t think of anything interesting to say about it. Or, rather, I can’t think of any point in the show that was interesting enough to write about. Though when I say that, I mean it with regard to the story only, not the visuals. After all, it was a Shaft show, and Shaft shows tend to – at the very least – have interesting visuals.

And that was certainly the case with Mekakucity Actors. The environments looked like the ones in Bakemonogatari, but even more simplified, which was an aesthetic I liked most of the time. Then there were the art style shifts, which I also liked (particularly the ones with the monster, and the black-and-white ones with the snake). Ene also had some funny visual jokes. But, as much as I liked the visuals, the actual story of the show felt far too disjointed and confusing, and as a result I couldn’t enjoy it. Also, there was the matter of the godawful CG in Ayano’s Theory of Happiness (which was fixed in the BluRay release). The abysmal visuals of that scene basically ruined the song for me (In the context of the show only. I’m fine with the original song).

Speaking of the music, that was probably the aspect of the show that stuck with me the most afterward, purely because I had now been introduced to a bunch of songs by a musician I wasn’t familiar with before. My appreciation of the show kind of stops there, though, because I don’t even listen to the show versions of the songs anymore, I mostly listen to the original vocaloid versions or amateur covers (YuiKonnu is my favourite). Consequently, my favourite episodes of the show are the ones that correspond to my favourite songs: Kisaragi Attention and Kagerou Daze.

It is unfortunate that I can never forget this shot.


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