Going Down The List: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei


Mikakunin de Shinkoukei was one of the most surprising shows to come out of the Winter 2014 anime season. The synopsis makes it sound so bland and uninteresting, but it ended up being a sweet and occasionally really funny show. In the end I seem to have given it a pretty average rating, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed watching it while it was airing.

And it’s not because the synopsis was deceptive or non-descriptive of the show or because of plot twists or anything like that. Yes, Kobeni suddenly learns she’s engaged. Yes, her fiancé moves in with her. Romcom hijinks do ensue, and running jokes are repeated. But the romcom hijinks are usually due to Kobeni, not because Hakuya is stupid or hotheaded (he is in fact the opposite of hotheaded). And as far as running jokes are concerned, they’re not repeated to obnoxious levels, except in the case of Benio’s lust for her sister, and some of them are actually funny. And Mashiro, who looked to be the most annoying character in the show, turned out to be great.

Ok, I’ll try to keep it more real. You could consider Mashiro to be very annoying, because she is loud and energetic. The same applies to Benio. And the show is not perfect in other ways either. The drama, for instance, felt very jarring to me. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but the “serious scenes” felt kind of out of place until the last episode of the show, which was a pretty standard “dramatic climax followed by return to status quo” kind of episode. So, in conclusion, it was not a perfect show, and it was similar to most other slice of life romcoms in many ways, but it was a great show to watch from week to week.


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