Going Down The List: Miss Monochrome – The Animation


For the uninitiated, Miss Monochrome is a character created and voiced by Yui Horie. The first season of the anime aired in Fall 2013, while seasons 2 and 3 aired in Summer and Winter 2015, respectively. It’s a short-format comedy anime with a bunch of references and running gags. Take that as you will, but I enjoyed it, and I’m hoping there will be an eventual 4th season.

It’s kind of difficult to pinpoint what it is that made the show so enjoyable to me, however, because I thought that the show’s running gags and references were in no way exceptional. Take, for instance, the Initial D reference and the Attack on Titan reference in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Shirobako’s Initial D reference was much longer and actually sort of served a purpose to the story, which is why I liked it much more. And as for Attack on Titan, Genshiken Nidaime had a much funnier scene that contained actual animation instead of just a parody of the most famous poster image of AoT.

Maybe… Miss Monochrome works so well because the episodes are short, which is something that I’ve thought regarding other short shows as well in the past. Sure, it gets overshadowed by really memorable episodes and scenes from other shows that make the same references, but on the other hand short shows rarely have episodes that feel like a waste of time(because the time spent watching is shorter). In the long run I think I will always prefer normal-format shows over short ones, but I think short shows are a great idea for bite-sized entertainment, and I’m especially happy now that short shows have their own special time slot on Fridays, Ultra Super Anime Time.


One thought on “Going Down The List: Miss Monochrome – The Animation

  1. I find it really hard to get into short episode anime because it feels like you barely have time to connect with anything that’s happening and its over. That said, there are some that work well and particularly with comedy sometimes it can make something just the right size.
    Thanks for sharing.

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