Going Down The List: Mobile Suit Gundam I – III


That is, the trilogy of movies that were made to recap, remake and expand on the story started by the TV series Mobile Suit Gundam (aka Gundam 0079). I’m glad that this movie series exists, because I would probably not have had the patience to sit through all 43 episodes of the original TV series. And, to be honest, I almost didn’t even have the patience to sit through the three movies (mostly because they’re all over 2 hours long), which is why I’m glad I watched them as part of a groupwatch instead of alone.

The Gundam 0079 story is… slow, in my opinion. I had a hard time focusing during the first movie because I felt like nothing was really happening. In hindsight, that feeling turned out to be incorrect, but I only realised that after the third movie, the reason being that it explained many things regarding the world that had confused me during the first two movies (because I knew absolutely nothing about UC Gundam before watching the movies). In addition, I liked the third movie so much that even though I found the first two movies confusing and somewhat anticlimactic, the trilogy as a whole left a good taste in my mouth.

And that’s mostly because I just really like the worldbuilding in UC Gundam. The characters weren’t the most interesting thing at first, but through the development of the story and the explanations of the backstory I came to really enjoy watching them, both the protagonists and the antagonists. Though I, too, have to point out that Amuro is just not even close to being as interesting as Char (which is why I’m glad Gundam: The Origin exists).


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