Going Down The List: Mobile Suit Gundam – The 08th MS Team


This was the Gundam series I watched after seeing the 0079 movies and, I must admit, I chose 08th MS Team purely because of the OP. It was just that awesome. And the show turned out to be pretty awesome as well, at least at first. In the end I think I enjoyed the 0079 movies and War in the Pocket more because 08th deviated from the canonical story, but that did make for some great action that War in the Pocket didn’t have.

Well, I mean, since watching War in the Pocket I’ve come to realise that the action may not be the main draw of UC Gundam, but seeing battles with several mobile suits on both sides was great. Combined with the fact that 08th generally looks better than 0079 in terms of technical quality, I think it had a very different kind of appeal compared to the other installments of UC Gundam that I’ve seen. Unfortunately, though, that meant that it ended up being not as memorable to me as 0079 and War in the Pocket.

I do, however, still remember the final, and special, episode of 08th MS Team, because it strayed quite far from the rest of the show. Instead of being about soldiers struggling in the middle of war, it was about soldiers struggling with the war being over and no longer having a purpose in life (or rather, if they’re not fanatical, no longer having a job), which I thought was very interesting, especially considering the “soldiers” focused on in the episode were children. That was probably the most memorable thing about the show for me.

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