Going Down The List: Mononoke


Not to be confused with Mononoke Hime, aka Princess Mononoke, the Ghibli film from 1997. No, this is the 2007 TV anime by Toei and directed by Kenji Nakamura. I’ve also written about it before. Back then, the show made a great impression on me, and that feeling has remained to this day. It has done so because Mononoke is a very unique-looking show. When I eventually watch the parent show, Ayakashi, I doubt it will have as great an impact on me, because as far as I can see the first arcs of Ayakashi have a different art style.

But the visuals are only one of the aspects of Mononoke that I really liked. One of the other things that I really liked was the storytelling, and I have a feeling Ayakashi will be quite similar in that respect. The storytelling in Mononoke is not concerned about chronology, logic or even the difference between reality and symbolism. What really matters is what the characters think and say, and the essence of their personalities. The Medicine Seller is more concerned with the underlying reasoning behind people’s actions instead of the effects that the actions have on the surrounding world.

And that’s something that really stuck with me, even though I must admit that I had a hard time understanding some of the stories. Which, I’m guessing, is why I originally said that Mononoke bores me. But now I see that it’s a “good” kind of boring, the same kind of boredom that I felt when I first saw Rashomon. A boredom born out of me being unfamiliar with the method of storytelling, not because I didn’t like the story. I hope to be bored in the same way by Ayakashi.


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