Summer 2016 First Impressions: Part 4

Hatsukoi Monster

Summer 2016 Hatsukoi Monster

Yes, yes you are.

I’m going to be completely honest: I didn’t go into this first episode with an open or prejudice-free mind. I saw screenshots and comments on Twitter, and they were shocking enough to irreversibly cloud my first impressions. This is something I was worried about when I started watching the episode, but fortunately the show proved to be so extreme in so many ways that, in retrospect, being prejudiced and biased doesn’t seem like a big deal. If anything, I was surprised to notice that I actually liked some of the show’s visual humour, especially when it came from the main character, Kaho. The reaction faces in particular were top notch, and I actually laughed at many of them.

That said, that’s pretty much the entire extent of the good stuff. The rest of the show is just extremely gross, and not even in a reasonably entertaining way. For one, as most people probably know by now, the male leads look like young adults but are actually in 5th grade. This would usually be considered creepy in and of itself, but the show made it worse by having the second half of the episode be one long barrage of dick jokes. There was also a joke about poop, and one about NTR (cuckolding as a fetish), but most of the time the boys just talked about “adjusting their junk” and rubbing their dicks on various objects. At times (read: for the vast majority of the time), the first episode felt like some kind of elaborate and horrible hoax. But it wasn’t, and it isn’t. It’s just gross, and I don’t want to watch it anymore. Good thing I have so many other “cute boys” shows lined up, because it means I can drop a few without second thoughts.

Verdict: I don’t want to touch this, not even with a 10-foot pole. In fact, I feel dirty just mentioning a cylindrical object.


B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

Summer 2016 B-Project

At least the show looked sort of good.

At first glance, and throughout the OP song and animation, the first episode of this show reminded me a lot of High School Star Musical (aka Starmyu), a show I’m quite fond off. In fact, because the character designs looked so similar initially, the first few scenes felt like a better-looking version of the aforementioned Starmyu. When it comes to the technical side of the visuals, that is, thanks to B-Project being animated by A-1 Pictures. Sure, it has that unfortunate “sterility” that some other A-1 shows have as well in that it’s not very stylistically interesting, but it certainly doesn’t look bad.

It’s unfortunate, then, that I found the characters and the story – well, actually, pretty much everything that happened in the first episode – completely boring. I liked the concept of an inexperienced producer/manager/whatever learning to work with experienced idols, but the way it was presented just didn’t do anything for me. I zoned out during almost every scene, and I found the climax actively stupid instead of just boring (in which the manager/producer pulls, out of thin air, an explanation as to why a certain song recording doesn’t sound right, and ends up being completely correct, whereas the actually experienced sound technicians and artists could not figure it out). I really wanted to like this show, at least to some extent, but it just didn’t click. Oh well, I guess that happens sometimes.

Verdict: I like the concept, but the actual execution did not do it for me. Dropped.


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