Summer 2016 First Impressions: Part 6

Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu

Summer 2016 Arslan

The CG actually looked fine in this scene.

I don’t have much to say about this one, because it mostly just continued from the exact point where the first season left off. Peshawar is attacked by an army from a country not seen before, Gieve is still on a solo mission, Silver Mask tries to prove his legitimacy, etc. etc. It’s still an epic-esque fantasy story, so that’s to be expected. And, considering the story and characters were my favourite thing about the first season, I’m honestly glad that nothing has really changed. However, I am still continued about the 2nd season only being 8 episodes long. I wonder how they’re going to manage to tell an interesting story in a time period that short.

The show hasn’t changed visually either. The CG action is still sub-par, though I didn’t mind it so much in the mass battle scenes. And when it comes to character designs and stuff like that, it’s still not the best-looking show ever, but I’ve grown rather fond of it (especially Etoile’s character design), so it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment, at least not negatively. As a whole, the first episode was nothing special, but it was still reasonably solid. No reason to drop it now.

Verdict: Not outstanding, but solid enough for me. Continuing.



Summer 2016 Orange

I loved the character animation in this scene.

I liked pretty much everything about this episode. I liked the concept of sending a letter to yourself backward in time (which I have fantasised about many times), I liked the chemistry between the characters, and I liked the individual characters in their own rights (especially Azusa, because of how lively she is). I also liked how the first episode was not just an introduction to the characters and to the story, it also had the time to actually tell a short story about Naho, the main character, heeding one of the points of advice in the letter she sent to herself, rectifying one of her “regrets”.

The pacing and order of the scenes, however, kind of bothered me at first. By the end of the episode I was satisfied with how the characters and story had been established, but I was initially frustrated by the confusing flash-forward scene at the start, as well as how Naho kept putting off reading the letter. It wasn’t the biggest problem I’ve ever had with anime storytelling, but if the show keeps jumping back and forth between past and future like that, I think it will affect my enjoyment negatively.

When it comes to the visuals of the show, I’m kind of on the fence. I’m usually quite a big fan of the kind of art style that the show is going for, but I thought the characters looked kind of odd in certain scenes, which bothered me a bit. Animation-wise, I really liked the scene on the bridge, and Azusa’s character animation in particular. It surprises me that all of this comes from a studio I’m not very familiar with, but I’m excited to see more!

Verdict: Loved it, I want to see more of this story.


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