Summer 2016 First Impressions: Part 8

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

Summer 2016 Fudanshi

Some of the faces were decently funny.

I’m frankly sort of surprised that this is the first short-form anime for me this season. Not that that’s a bad thing, though. In the case of this show, it is in fact a good thing. This show isn’t heavy on animation, nor is it varied in its topics. As the title states, it’s about the school life of fudanshi (boys who like BL), or at least one fudanshi. The first joke is about him buying BL and feeling like he’s being judged. The second joke is him explaining to his friend why the fact that he likes BL doesn’t make him gay (perhaps somewhat obviously). The third joke is the friend complaining about people mistaking him for a woman.

Now, these jokes are not the funniest in the world, especially when I imagine my solution to all three would be to say “whatever” and carry on with my life, and so I probably wouldn’t be able to take 24 consecutive minutes of similar jokes. However, the 5-minute episode length is pretty digestible, and at their core I can still kind of relate to the situations the characters get in, so I’ll probably continue watching this. It’s not a fantastic show, but there aren’t many shows like it, so I’ll have to settle.

Verdict: Not the best, but the novelty is enough to keep me interested. Continuing.


New Game!

Summer 2016 New Game

I have several questions about this, but I’m probably better off not asking.

This is no Shirobako. I didn’t buy the premise and setting of New Game for one minute. First of all, the main character could just as well be a middle-school student based on what she looks like and how she behaves. In the first episode, she was subjected to several jokes regarding her apparent age, but I think the jokes were kind of undermined by the fact that she really could be 14 years old and no one would bat an eye. Not that the other characters are much better. They look older, but they all act like children or teenagers. This is the main reason why I don’t buy the story about them all actually being adults and working in a game company.

So, story-wise, the first episode of New Game did nothing for me. Some of the specific game development-related references, however, could be pretty entertaining, like “Autodesk Saya”. And visual humour like that really is, in my opinion, the main strength of the show, at least so far. Dogakobo did not skimp on the animation, and the character designs are very easy on the eyes. As a moe slice of life comedy show, New Game is topnotch. That’s pretty much all I can say about it.

Verdict: I don’t buy the premise and setting, but it’s cute and funny in other way. Picked up.



Summer 2016 Servamp

The only really good thing about this show.

This show is more along the lines of what I thought Taboo Tattoo would end up being. That is to say, edgy, dark and clichéd, and without any pleasant surprises. Not that the episode was 100% serious scenes, however. There were some attempts at comedy, but nothing about it was actually novel, or even funny. This was mostly because the main character is just really, really boring in that painful light novel kind of way. He’s an orphan, he wants to do everything himself without accepting help from other people, “strong sense of justice”, self-sacrificing, etc. etc. You know the drill.

In comparison, most of the other characters appearing in the first episode were surprisingly non-terrible. Kuro, the servant vampire, was very cute and likeable, but the main character’s boringness prevented me from enjoying their interactions. The main character’s friends were also surprisingly good, especially in that they actually asked the main character to not carry all of his burdens alone. That kind of sincere empathy is not super common in this kind of anime, so I found it nice. Well, until one of the friends got attacked and possibly died, that is.

Lastly, the villain was the worst thing about the first episode. He was loud and exaggeratedly deranged in a way that was neither entertaining nor funny, and I’m pretty sure he was intended to be scary (which he also wasn’t). And unfortunately, he didn’t die, so I’m sure he’ll show up again later. Fortunately, however, I won’t have to see it.

Verdict: Unfunny and boring. Dropped.


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