Going Down The List: Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san


Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san is an… odd show, so to speak. Not in that its bizarre, but it just differs from other similar anime in many ways. The episodes are 13 minutes long, the art style is retro – for lack of a better word – and the animation is unusually good for a straight comedy. It also has a pretty A-list cast in that the characters are voiced by, among others, Yukari Tamura, Ai Nonaka, Mai Nakahara, Sumire Uesaka, Satomi Arai and Chiwa Saito.

And maybe it’s due to this perceived weirdness that I really enjoyed watching Muromi-san. Or maybe what I mentioned above had no effect and I just liked the writing. Which is certainly possible, because I thought most of the jokes, and the show in general, were funny. The reaction faces and pop culture references were also pretty good, but those are definitely not unusual things when it comes to comedy shows. Another “odd” thing about the show was the fact that some of the characters speak in dialects such as Hakata and Kokura, which as far as I know are pretty rare in anime.

The only thing about the show that I really disliked was Wiseman and his pervy jokes (which were aimed at childlike characters). Sure, it’s a pretty minor aspect of the show, and I can’t remember what it is exactly that he says, but I do remember it being pretty distasteful, and I remember other people pointing it out as well. I guess there are no perfect shows.


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