Summer 2016 First Impressions: Part 11

91 Days

Summer 2016 91 Days

Stop. Just… stop doing characters like this.

So, this premiere episode started really well. In terms of story the first scene wasn’t very dense, but I liked the shots, the angles and the colour palette. Stylistically it reminded me of last season’s Joker Game, but maybe a bit rougher around the artistic edges. The first scene ended with the main character making a very silly face, but that wasn’t too bad. All shows should be allowed an exaggerated face or two.

The next scene was a flashback, which established the backstory that acts as the catalyst to the actual story, because the actual story is, of course, a revenge story. I really liked the backstory, though. The mafia stuff wasn’t all that different from or more exaggerated than the kind of stuff you see in live action shows from America or Europe, which I liked. It even had a cool moment involving the main character putting out a candle by pinching the wick. This is the kind of stuff that can work very well to establish a character’s personality without having to have them spell it out directly.

After the flashback scene ended, though, well… That’s when things started going wrong. I didn’t mind the first scene with the main character and his childhood friend, but later on when the cowboy-looking gangster shows up, it all just started reminding me of Gangsta a lot. The gangster accent, the senseless violence(and by senseless I mean firing a Tommy gun into the air and in other random directions), the apparently deranged character, none of it sat well with me. That’s why I dropped Gangsta, and that’s why I’m only going to give this show one more episode to redeem itself (in my eyes, that is). Oh, and the candle scene from earlier? Turns out that wasn’t a personality-establishing scene, it was referenced in the later action scene so that the main character could create a makeshift bomb with paraffin (through the power of SCIENCE). That really disappointed me.

Verdict: Giving this one more episode, but right now it’s not looking good.


Qualidea Code

Summer 2016 Qualidea Code

Sword girl is pretty good.

This episode didn’t have a great start. The cold opening consisted of a battle scene between military vehicles and aliens, and it wasn’t very visually impressive. There was also a child crying for his parents, and another child to console him. I personally don’t like this method of establishing characters and their relationships, but hey, the scene wasn’t too long, so it wasn’t that bad.

And, in retrospect, it didn’t really tell me as much about the characters as it told me about the conflict between humanity and the “Unknown”. Which is to say, not a lot. It’s just kind of a conflict that exists, and it doesn’t really feel like it matters much. What matters is that the different characters have different superpowers that they use to fight the enemies and possibly each other. Yeah, it’s that kind of show, I know. The second scene actually reminded me a lot of Sky Wizards Academy, which is an atrocious show from last year.

And as far as the characters’ personalities go, the main pair are an arrogant asshole with a super-powerful ability and a clumsy girl who also has a powerful ability. Where this show diverges from the norm, however, is that instead of all the other characters thinking that clumsiness is a mortal sin and that arrogance is admirable, the clumsy girl’s imperfections aren’t really noted by anyone beside the main character, whom no one takes seriously. Somehow, by some ritual of dark and forbidden magic, this actually ends up working in a comedic sense. The main character’s exaggerated arrogance is actually funny, and some of the supporting characters are okay too. Yeah, I think I can watch this as a comedy. Also, that Taku Iwasaki soundtrack is pretty nice.

Verdict: Somehow works as comedy. Continuing for now.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 First Impressions: Part 11

  1. I’m still doubtful as to whether the combination of alcohol with paraffin, water and gunfire would actually produce that much fire, but hey if you start questioning the science of things like that you end up being unable to watch anything. Still, when they bother to set it up and then explain it you really do hope they got it right.
    Qualidea on the otherhand did nothing for me and I let it drop.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I should probably mention that I was moderately intoxicated while watching and writing about both shows, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether I still have the same opinion next week :P

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