Going Down The List: Nichijou


As far as anime sketch comedies go, Nichijou is not my favourite. My favourite is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, aka Nichibros, because I just find it infinitely more funny than Nichijou. Since watching Nichibros I haven’t even managed to rewatch Nichijou, I find it so boring. But, this happens to be one of those (somewhat common) cases where many people disagree with me, and that’s why I do have to admit that I can’t call Nichijou “bad”. Because I don’t think it is either. I think it actually has some good sides to it.

Like the style, for instance. Nichijou is a pretty good counterexample to the claim that “all KyoAni shows and characters look the same”, and it’s maybe the most obvious example. Other more subtle examples exist, but I digress. The art is not identical to the art in the manga, but it’s very close, and most importantly the animation stays in line with the art style while adding some unbelievably detailed motion. The voice acting is also crazy enough to fit the skits, I might even say it’s equal to the voice acting in Nichibros.

The more I think about the show, the closer I’m coming to piecing together a concrete reason for why I have trouble enjoying Nichijou. Style- and art-wise it’s great, and I mostly like the characters and the acting, but I feel like the pacing could be much faster. Some of the skits drag out a lot, especially the ones involving Professor, Nano and Sakamoto. I also feel like there are too many different characters for 26 episodes. It probably works fine in the manga, but I had trouble finding any of the skits involving only supporting characters funny, they just felt random. In conclusion, Nichijou is a fine show in its own right, but maybe I’d enjoy the manga more.

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