Going Down The List: Ojousama Sousamou


Aka Debutante Detective Corps. This is actually a unique show for me, because it’s the only anime I’ve watched that I had never heard about before I found it (trawling lists of anime on MAL and elsewhere). It’s a 30-minute long OVA animated mainly by Gainax and directed by Akiyuki Shinbou, and premiered on April 1, 1996. I actually didn’t know the premiere date until I looked it up just now, but in retrospect it makes sense that it’d be an April Fool’s joke.

Ok, that’s maybe too harsh, because while the story’s absurd and the whole package isn’t very good at all, it doesn’t seem like it was written as a joke. Instead, as one may (possibly) infer from the title, it’s mostly a parody of the “ojou-sama” character archetype. To be honest, I don’t have many memories that support the parody theory, because it wasn’t a very funny or clever story, but considering the characters are all absurdly rich ojou-samas, I’ll stick with this theory. In the same vein, the only memorably funny part of the OVA is the opening scene in which the 5 main characters are introduced, each one having an introduction more extravagant and violent than the last.

After that, basically nothing interesting happens for most of the duration. There are some pop culture references and more ojou-sama jokes, but I don’t remember any of them. However, since this OVA was animated by Gainax back in their “golden era”, there is an action scene near the end that looks very, very good. That’s the second memorable part of the show, and that’s about it. It’s a cool scene with great animation, but to be honest I’d rather rewatch that scene on YouTube or something than watch 30 minutes of this OVA again. It’s just not very interesting for the most part.

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