Going Down The List: One Off


One Off is a 4-episode OVA series. It’s originally created and directed by Junichi Satou, and that’s probably why it feels a lot like certain other shows he has directed, especially Aria and Tamayura. Unlike those two shows, though, One Off is very “contemporary” in terms of its story and setting. The characters ride bikes and do other things that today’s teenagers do. As for the setting, the show takes place in a remote place, which is quite unlike the city and the town in Aria and Tamayura, respectively.

In terms of characters and character development, however, One Off is very similar to Aria and Tamayura. They’re all about young people finding their own places in the world, figuring out what they really want, and then taking the first steps down the road to making their dreams come true. In terms of relatability, I think One Off is the strongest of the three. Aria has those supernatural and sci-fi elements, and Tamayura deals with loss of a loved one (which can be very relatable, but I fortunately have not had any similar experiences), but One Off is very down-to-earth and it happens to reflect my life situation rather closely.

Which is probably why I ended up being so critical and dismissive of One Off. Thinking about stuff like dreams and ambitions is very difficult for me, and when the show brought the topic up, I didn’t want to listen to it. Instead, I started playing with my phone and ended up missing many of they key points the show made (I did catch the emotional climax, though, so that was nice). It’s probably because of this that I rated it as (merely) “good” instead of “great”, but when I think back on it, the fact that the show made me put my fingers in my ears could be considered a high form of praise. It tackled topics that I’m afraid of, and it tackled them so accurately that I got scared, thinking the show was talking about me. And that’s pretty rare.


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