Going Down The List: One Punch Man


I still remember what I thought of One Punch Man when I first started reading the manga: “What the hell, this looks terrible!”, I thought to myself, not knowing that I was supposed to read the redrawn version by Yusuke Murata instead of the original web comic by ONE. When I finally found the redrawn verison to read, I understood why people had hyped the manga up so much. It looked amazing, and the next thought I had was “If this ever gets an anime adaptation, it’s probably going to be really disappointing.”

GDTL One Punch Man 1

But to my great surprise, when One Punch Man finally started airing in Fall 2015, it didn’t look disappointing. Sure, there was a scene in the first episode that looked significantly better than the rest of the episode, but all in all the show looked really good. And even more surprisingly, it continued looking good until the very end. Sure, it was only 1 cour long, but there’s plenty of time for production disasters in 13 weeks. So, I applaud Madhouse and the other staff for keeping it together for the whole duration (and ending it on a real bang).

GDTL One Punch Man 2

As for the show itself, I must admit that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the manga. Part of that is probably because I already knew what was going to happen, but I think the bigger reason was that the manga kept one-upping itself (no pun intended) when it came to showing how animated still pictures can look, and the anime, due to actually being animated, lacked that amazement-evoking aspect. That’s not to say that I found the anime boring or anything, it was still really fun to watch from week to week, but it just wasn’t the same as reading a new chapter of the manga every now and then. Then again, that’s not very unusual when it comes to source material and adaptations even outside of animanga, so it’s not like OPM is necessarily a special example in any way. Maybe that’s just the general attitude I have toward adaptations.


One thought on “Going Down The List: One Punch Man

  1. I have been reading the manga at Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and I have enjoying the fun. I am currently watching the anime at Toonami and I’m loving it. Saitama is funny guy who knows how to pack a punch.
    Also, congratulations on being featured at Lita’s Friday Featured post! Thanks to her, I came by to visit her. :)

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