Going Down The List: Oneechan ga Kita


Before seeing this show, I’d seen many anime where young boys lust after their older sisters, or young girls lusting after their older brothers, etc. This is pretty common in anime, after all, so that’s not very surprising. However, I had not seen many shows where older girls lust after their younger brothers, so Oneechan ga Kita ended up being a first for me. Sure, they’re not related by blood, but from a real-world perspective that doesn’t matter very much to me. As I see it, step-siblings are still siblings.

GDTL Oneechan ga Kita 1

Anyway, two years down the line from when this show aired, I’m no longer unfamiliar with older sister-younger brother relationships in anime, because I feel like it has become more and more common with time. But Oneechan ga Kita is still the show I think of first when the theme is mentioned, because I ended up really liking it. It’s not overly creepy all of the time, and at times it actually succeeds at being adorable. Also, triangle mouths.

GDTL Oneechan ga Kita 2

But Oneechan ga Kita was a new kind of experience in another way as well: It was one of the first short anime that I watched. At first the fact that the episodes were just 3 minutes long disappointed me (I had been anticipating full-length episodes), but over time I came to realise that the end result was probably better this way. The jokes didn’t overstay their welcome, and the show never had the opportunity to stagnate or get boring. Sure, in the end the actual amount of content was quite small, but my experience with it was mostly positive. I don’t know if it’s a show worth watching now, when shorts are common and the themes aren’t new in any way, but when it aired I thought it was a worthwhile show.


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