Going Down The List: Ongaku Shoujo


Ongaku Shoujo was Studio Deen’s entrant in the 2015 Young Animator Training Project, aka Anime Mirai 2015. Being just 25 minutes long, it was a pretty nice bite-sized piece of animation. However, being an Anime Mirai project, I ended up automatically comparing it to such other Anime Mirai projects as Little Witch Academia, and in that respect Ongaku Shoujo did not hold up very well.

GDTL Ongaku Shoujo 1

LWA and Ongaku Shoujo did have something in common: They both looked really nice, though in completely different ways. LWA’s strength was, in my opinion, its fairly unique art style, whereas I think Ongaku Shoujo did colours and crisp details very well. However, LWA also had an enjoyable story, which is… not something I would say with regard to Ongaku Shoujo. Sure, it’s a story about music and I usually like those, but I just couldn’t really care about either of the main characters in Ongaku Shoujo. I liked the final scene, but when the rest of the movie was boring, that doesn’t really matter very much.

GDTL Ongaku Shoujo 2

But in any case, I would do well to remember that this is the Young Animator Training Project, not necessarily the Young Screenwriter Training Project, and when it came to the animation, Ongaku Shoujo was in many ways satisfying. A bad movie in terms of the story and writing in general, but if it helped a new generation of animators get good practice, I think it was a worthwhile production.


One thought on “Going Down The List: Ongaku Shoujo

  1. Haven’t seen it yet, but I, on the other hand, compare all YATP/Mirais/Tamagos to Arve Rezzle. It works, as none of them was worse than Arve Rezzle yet, so I enjoy all those that are not Arve Rezzle.

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