Going Down The List: Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!


If you don’t count Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, this show – also known as OniAi – was the first ever anime I watched. To be perfectly honest, I found it while I was looking for hentai, because some screencaps made it seem like hentai. When I actually watched it, I realised that it wasn’t hentai, because this was back in December 2012 at a time when I didn’t yet understand the difference between ecchi and hentai. As one might expect, this led to some profound disappointment at first, but eventually the show kind of grew on me. Sure, the main reason I kept watching was that I was expecting a delayed “payoff” (a very humorous expectation in retrospect), but I did find it genuinely funny in certain ways.

GDTL OniAi 1

I finished watching the show sometime in January 2013, after I had started watching anime “for real”. At that point I no longer found the show interesting or funny, so I forgot about it fairly quickly and didn’t bother talking about it for a long time. But then 2015 happened, and along came my renewed interest in engaging with people on Twitter. And through meeting new people on Twitter, I also found out that many were amused by the fact that OniAi was my “first anime”. And so it happened that in the last months of 2015, I decided to rewatch OniAi.

GDTL OniAi 2

And the rewatch actually ended up being really fun in many ways. Not only did I now get many of the references in the show (surprisingly, OniAi is one of the more subtle harem comedies when it comes to its references), but I also found it surprisingly fun to once again watch an ecchi harem show, because it’s a genre that I’ve grown extremely tired off over the past ~3 years. But the greatest pleasure probably came from tweeting about the show, because apparently people found it really entertaining. Many even promised that they’d watch the show themselves (it’s now August 2016, so I hope they deliver on their promises soon).

GDTL OniAi 3

In the end, all jokes and my dislike of the genre aside, I actually think OniAi is alright. It’s not great, and some scenes bored the hell out of me (especially on the rewatch), but it’s definitely not one of the worse harem shows out there. It’s occasionally funny, and it occasionally looks great. Most of the time it’s average, but it was those occasional good moments that made me not regret watching it twice.

GDTL OniAi 4

GDTL OniAi 5

Bonus Anastasia


One thought on “Going Down The List: Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

  1. Yes, yes it is absolutely amusing that THIS was your first anime. Thanks for sharing the story in more detail that you possibly could on Twitter.
    I kinda hate OniAi because I am repulsed by incest, but, at the same time, this is one of the only two anime with character designs by the guy that did them for Mayo Chiki, one of my favourite ecchi harems, that I like mostly for the visuals. Actually, scrap that, I just checked, there are three anime with his designs now, I have to watch Anti-Magic Academy, you made me check, thanks :3
    But yeah, those girls look nice, especially Eyepatch-tan, only, if only, it wasn’t about incest :|

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