Going Down The List: Owari no Seraph


It’s been a while since Owari no Seraph aired, and I think most people have forgotten and stopped talking about it by now. After all, it’s a show about magic, vampires and – albeit briefly – school. It’s one of those shows where you are surprised by the fact that it’s based on a manga and not a light novel. On the surface, it looks like forgettable garbage, and the first few episodes of the first season did very little to convince me otherwise. However, with time I came to really like the show. How did that happen?

GDTL: Owari no Seraph 1

Well, the first episode was your typical grimdark dystopia opener. I liked how the show looked (especially the backgrounds by Studio Pablo), but I was far from convinced, as this is how these kinds of shows tend to do things. The second episode confirmed my worst fears: The main characters starts going to a magic high school, and most or all of the expected high school hijinks ensue. It was going down a very predictable path.

GDTL: Owari no Seraph 2

But then, suddenly, there was a fight scene with a vampire, and the animation looked really good. And then, instead of going back to his now regular school life, the main character kind of started to move the story forward all on his own. The change happened very quickly after that. Suddenly, the characters weren’t in school anymore, they were out on the streets actually fighting vampires! And the high school comedy was still kind of there, but it was endearing instead of annoying, because the characters had already established that their serious sides had no room for jokes, and the fight against the vampires was consistently portrayed as non-comedic.

GDTL Owari no Seraph 3

As for the second season, well, it just continued doing the same thing the first season did, but with even more seriousness and actual story progression. The show, for me, had turned from a mediocre popcorn flick, that I watched for the cool animation, into a show where I actually cared about the characters and the story. Regardless of genre, themes and even medium, that’s a pretty good achievement in my opinion. Granted, it didn’t make me so attached to it that I’d read the manga to find out what happens next, but I genuinely enjoyed the Owari no Seraph anime.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Owari no Seraph

  1. I enjoyed watching the series but it definitely took awhile before it decided what it was going to be. Even then, I feel the plot may have been a little overly ambitious leaving far too many parts hanging.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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