Going Down The List: Puchimas!: Petit iDOLM@STER


Oh thank god, finally something relatively easy to write about for a change. Now, normally I wouldn’t even write about this show in a separate post – I would include it in a catch-all post with the original Idolmaster anime and Cinderella Girls – but as I just mentioned, I wanted (needed, even) something easy to write about, and Puchimas fits that bill quite nicely. It also has very little to do with the story of the original anime, which I could say is another justification for making this a separate post.

GDTL Puchimas 1

Puchimas doesn’t really have a story. Well, it kind of does, but the story is neither very elaborate nor very important. It just occasionally works as a backdrop for the characters to act in, because this show is basically just about the characters. Or, rather, it’s about caricatures of the characters. Somewhat confusingly, there exist two different versions of each character: One regular person and one “puchi” version. The regular characters are a bit more exaggerated than the characters in the original anime series, whereas the puchimas are incarnations of the characters tics or especially memetic personality traits.

GDTL Puchimas 2

Aaaaand that’s basically the entire show. The regular characters do their regular stuff, while the puchimas do really silly things constantly. Which, to be honest, doesn’t sound very impressive when I put it that way, but it wasn’t a bad show, at least not in my opinion. I found it cute, occasionally funny and, especially during certain episodes in the second season, a good-looking show. Counting both shows, it’s like 130 3-minute episodes, so I wouldn’t blame people for not having the patience to watch all of it, but I think it’s worth at least checking out.


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