Going Down The List: RDG – Red Data Girl


RDG: Red Data Girl was one of the first anime that I watched while it was airing. That point in time was Spring 2013, and I had just finished watching Tari Tari, a show that I loved a lot and still think about occasionally. Back then, I paid more attention to the animation studio than the rest of the staff, so I naively decided to pick up RDG in the belief that I’d enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Tari Tari.

GDTL Red Data Girl 1

The first episode of RDG dispelled that fantasy by feeling merely average, and unfortunately that feeling soured the rest of the series for me, regardless of the fact that I actually thought some of the aspects of the show weren’t awful. Some of the character moments and themes surrounding predetermined fates and duties were pretty great, even though I don’t remember many of the details.

GDTL Red Data Girl 1

All of that said, in the end I didn’t think the show ended up being “merely average”. In fact, I thought it flopped almost completely. It’s hard to describe exactly why I feel that way due to me forgetting most of the details, though this fact should speak for itself, at least to some extent. I feel like the show mixed too many complex elements, for instance a large student council hierarchy (including a shadow council) that played a big role in the story, different mythological backstories for the characters and conflict-filled interpersonal relationships. At the end of the show, I remember asking myself “What was the story about again?” The show tried to go in-depth on all of its themes but, probably in part due to the short duration (12 episodes), it didn’t manage to conclude any of them or make any significantly memorable points about them. Which is probably why I don’t remember much about it. Anyway, I’m talking in circles now, so to conclude, I thought this show was pretty bad. It had some strong moments, but overall it was boring and unmemorable.


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