Fall 2016 First Impressions: Part 1

Time Bokan 24

Fall 2016 First Impressions Time Bokan 24

Please don’t.

Well, when it came to the structure of the conflict in this show, I got pretty much what I expected, because it really does share similarities with Winter 2015’s Yoru no Yatterman, though the characters who were the protagonists in Yoru no Yatterman are the villains here (as they are in the rest of the franchise as well). And this helped a lot, because it meant I could ignore most of the “Let me explain!” exposition moments, which (in my opinion) are the most obnoxious things about the show, at least so far.

Story-wise, however, this show is nothing like Yoru no Yatterman. Time Bokan 24 is about people who time travel through history, trying to unveil and observe “True History”, which is apparently often more humorous and action-filled than the impression of history you get from history books. And I imagine the rest of the show will consist of episodic stories of this kind, maybe with something of a more somber overarching story (of which there were hints in the first episode). The fact that I’m okay with that, and I find it to be an interesting idea, combined with the relative inoffensiveness of all of the other aspects of the show mean that I’ll probably happily continue watching it.

Verdict: Nothing spectacular, but the first episode was fun, so I’ll continue it.



Fall 2016 First Impressions Bloodivores

Oh I love the original Grand Theft Auto.

Ah, so this is another one of those joint Japanese-Chinese productions. Cool, even though I ended up dropping last season’s Hitori no Shita, and I would rather see something more original come out of Chinese animation than these kinds of projects that could very well just be full Japanese productions. Anyway, I digress, because complaining about the production would be doing a disservice to the show itself. It didn’t look that terrible in my opinion, and it sounded fine. It has the makings of a show that I might actually enjoy.

The story was a bit confusing to me, though. The early parts of the first episode made it seem like it was going to be about this society where vampires and humans exist in a sort of terror balance, and that it would be about this as a whole. But the way the first episode ended threw me off completely, because apparently it’s going to be a survival game-type show now? I mean, I’m not opposed to that, but I really am confused about what this show is really going to be about. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Verdict: Fun action, twist at the end, no reason not to keep watching it.


Shuumatsu no Izetta

Fall 2016 First Impressions Izetta

This will never stop being amusing to me.

Surprisingly, the first half of the first episode of Shuumatsu no Izetta didn’t really do much for me. Sure, seeing an alternate history/fantasy setting is always nice, but I wasn’t sold on the politics, or on the main character, and least of all on the antagonists. The second half was amazing, though, at least after I got over the fact that the setting is World War 2 but for some reason they really wanted to change all the names of the countries involved. The Princess’ speech about being a servant to her people reminded me of my favourite parts of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, whereas Izetta’s awakening was like straight out of Maria the Virgin Witch. The climax made me so emotional that I almost cried. I loved it.

Izetta is also my favourite looker of the season so far. Not only did I like the art style, the line art in particular being appealing to me, but I thought the animation was really cool, at least when it mattered. Also, the warfare scenes looked great. It hasn’t completely gripped me yet, but it’s off to a good start in many ways.

Verdict: Looks great, interesting story, very much my kind of thing. Continuing.

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