Going Down The List: Rec


Not to be confused with the identically named Spanish horror film from 2007, Rec is a 9 (+1 special) episode TV anime by Shaft. In addition to being less than 1 cour long, the episodes are only 13 minutes apiece. This, combined with the fact that it doesn’t look much like Shaft’s more recent shows and that it aired in 2006, is probably why it’s a relatively obscure series, at least from what I’ve seen. Granted, it was recommended to me by someone else, so I know of at least a few other people who’ve seen it, but I haven’t heard much talk about it.

GDTL Rec 1

The story of the series is one that has become popular in recent years: It’s about a young adult woman trying to make a living and find her place in the world as a voice actress. But things aren’t going too well for her, at least until she meets a lonely guy who is just an average salaryman. The show is essentially about them trying to support and help each other realise their dreams, first through living together and later through loving each other and even working together. And, well, you can guess how that goes. It’s a roller coaster of happiness, anger, surprise and disappointment.

GDTL Rec 2

It’s not the most elaborate story in the world, but I think it fits the so-called “short but sweet” category of entertainment. I also liked it’s gimmick: Every episode is named after one of Audrey Hepburn’s films, the main character references Hepburn a lot, and even the OP has homages to her. Not to discriminate against Japanese cinema, but I think I’d have been less interested in and less gripped by the show had it referenced some Japanese actress instead (like Setsuko Hara, for instance, though I have to say that Millenium Actress was a brilliant tribute to Hara). In the end I found Rec to be somewhat lacking in terms of the writing and direction, it felt pretty boring at times, but as a whole it was still a pleasant experience. I recommend it.

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