Going Down The List: Robot Girls Z


When the first season of Robot Girls Z started airing in 2014, I didn’t pick it up, because it looked like it was going to be one of those shows that rely completely on references. I’m not opposed to that in theory, but in this particular case I knew nothing about Mazinger and its associated franchises. These franchises are also so old that I was afraid I wouldn’t get any of the less series-specific references to anime.

GDTL Robot Girls Z 1

And when I eventually did pick it up, due to recommendations from several different friends, my suspicions were proven right. But I also found out that this didn’t really matter, because I liked the show and its quirky humour, and Doublas M2 in particular was a very adorable character. Also, the first season consisted of only 3 27-minute-long episodes (originally aired as 9 9-minute-long episodes, if I recall correctly), so the fact that it was occasionally less funny and more boring didn’t make it feel like a waste of time. And when I heard that there was going to be a second season, Robot Girls Z Plus, I was excited.

GDTL Robot Girls Z 2

The second season turned out to be very disappointing, however. First of all, it consisted of 6 8-minute long episodes that aired over a period of almost 5 months, which is a ridiculously slow pace. Also, possibly due to this pacing, I found it much less interesting than the first season, particularly when it came to the in-jokes and references. There were way too many characters, and I felt like many jokes (such as the exaggerated fanservice and violence) outstayed their welcome. To conclude, I liked parts of it, but compared to the first season I can say that if they ever announce a third season, I probably won’t watch it.

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