Going Down The List: Rolling☆Girls


Since Rolling Girls finished airing in March 2015, I haven’t heard much talk about it, or at least not outside of its dedicated group of fans. By the end of it, it wasn’t very popular, and to be honest, I don’t think it had any staying power after its broadcast, possibly with the exception of its soundtrack and song albums. And if I recall correctly, it didn’t do very well when it came to home video sales. It doesn’t look like it was a total flop, but in the end that’s not very comforting.

GDTL Rolling Girls 1

The series had a lot of issues. After the first two episodes the animation started suffering, and by the final story arc it was a complete fiasco. It got to the point where the direction in the final episode was so confusing that I had a hard time following the story. Also, I didn’t really like the story of the final arc at all, especially when it came to “the twist” regarding one of the main characters. Story-wise, I would say that Rolling Girls ended even more disappointingly than Yoru no Yatterman, but Yatterman did defeat Rolling Girls when it came to animation production disaster. But again, that’s not very comforting either.

GDTL Rolling Girls 2

What is comforting, however, is the memories I have of watching the show, mostly because of the music. The music, mostly covers of songs by The Blue Hearts, worked incredibly well to make the show fun to watch, The finale of episode 8, in particular, was a fantastic celebration of the music and the animation that drew me in during the first two episodes.

GDTL Rolling Girls 3

More importantly, however, there was something about Rolling Girls that touched people’s hearts, mine too, in a way that just… lifted spirits and brought about a kind of camaraderie that I had never seen before. For me, the so called Roll☆volution was the phenomenon that made me want to participate in Anitwitter and the aniblogging sphere (it is not a coincidence that I started blogging right after Rolling Girls ended), something that I had wanted to do but never found the drive or courage for. In retrospect, I am invaluably indebted to Rolling Girls, because the community and the friends I found through the Roll☆volution are so, so precious to me. The show itself may not live on freshly in my mind, but that doesn’t matter, because the real Rolling☆Girls were the friends I made along the way.


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