Going Down The List: Sabagebu!


Sabagebu aired in Summer 2014, exactly one year after Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu. Both were shows about airsoft (aka Survival Game, whence “Sabage”), but the approaches they took when it came to atmosphere could not have been more different. C3-bu was self-serious, sometimes to a hilariously high degree. Sabagebu, on the other hand, went for the “crazy comedy”-approach, so much so that a narrator had to keep reminding the viewers that the killing and blood-splatter is just in the characters’ heads.

GDTL Sabagebu 1

And that’s actually what made the show work for me. I’m not usually a fan of ultra-violence, even when it’s done for comedy, but in the case of Sabagebu I liked it, because the violence wasn’t senseless. Or, rather, it was completely senseless, but the show acknowledged that, and its action was greatly entertaining in an insane kind of way. For instance, there was the episode where the main character, Momoka, has a moral dilemma, which causes an angel and a devil to appear on her shoulders. Instead of just arguing, though, the three engage in a gunfight, which later turns into a dogfight because apparently they can fly as well.

GDTL Sabagebu 2

There’s also the inexplicable Mad Max-style road race against old people in the middle of the desert (see first image above). And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the episode where the gang (the club) have procured a live crab as an ingredient for dinner, but the crab is befriended by the club’s mascot platypus, who (after an extensive gunfight) convinces the club to let the crab become a member. Later on, the crab is seen piloting a Huey with the platypus as the gunner (see second image). That’s the kind of show this is, and that’s why it’s entertaining.


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