Going Down The List: Sakamichi no Apollon


It’s been over 3 years since I watched Sakamichi no Apollon, and I haven’t really revisited it since then, so my memories are hazy at best. However, over time, my appreciation for the show has cooled substantially. This is probably more so related to the fact that I have read some critique since finishing it, and because I went into watching the show with hype and preconceptions, rather than due to anything related to the show in itself. So, I think the best approach is to document my thoughts, or at least my thoughts as I remember them, in chronological order.

GDTL Sakamichi no Apollon 1

As I mentioned above, when I started the show I had already heard many good things about it, and so I was full of hype. And in some ways the show did live up to the hype, the most solid way being the music performances, which I continued to like throughout the entire show. But there were some aspects that I didn’t like at first, such as the triangle drama between Sen, Bon and Ricchan. Over time I came to enjoy the relationship between Sen and Bon, but unfortunately Ricchan never really fit into the story in my opinion. I don’t think she was a bad character at all, but I just didn’t have many emotions for her.

GDTL Sakamichi no Apollon 2

And in the end, after I finished the show and the initial hype wore off completely, that was the problem that stuck with me. I thought the story and writing were pretty far above average, and I recognised that it was the kind of show that I would probably like, but the emotional connection just wasn’t there for some of the characters and story arcs. The huge time skip in the final episode probably didn’t help either. So yeah, I thought the show was good in theory, but I just didn’t get what I wanted out of it.


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