Going Down The List: Sakamoto desu ga?


A fairly recent show, Sakamoto desu ga aired in Spring 2016. It’s an adaptation of the manga of the same name, a manga that I had the chance to read before the anime started airing. And if I tell you that I was very excited for the anime, you can probably guess that I really enjoyed reading the manga.

GDTL Sakamoto 1

The manga in itself was fantastic when it came to the extravagance of its comedy. It kind of hit me in the same spot as Prison School, though without the mean spirit. As for the adaptation, Studio Deen have in the past been the butt of many jokes (presumably because the adaptations they’ve been tasked with have been highly regarded and high-profile, though I don’t actually know for sure). Lately, however, I’ve enjoyed almost all of their adaptations, from Sakura Trick to Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, and I think Sakamoto desu ga is a really good adaptation as well.

GDTL Sakamoto 2

I also think the show excellend in its necessarily original aspects, that is the soundtrack and the voice acting. All the characters pretty much sounded exactly like I expected, and wanted, them to sound, and the show had a good OP and ED. The former was a ridiculous mix of different genres to the point where it ended up sounding almost operatic, whereas the ED was a Suneohair song, and so it speaks for itself. Yeah, in the end, this show was basically everything I wanted it to be, and the only real issue I had with it was that it was only 1 cour long. But, that’s just how it is with many series.


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