Going Down The List: Sansha Sanyou


Here’s another very recent show for a change. Animated over at Dogakobo, Sansha Sanyou aired in Spring 2016. It ran for 12 episodes and, with no sequel in sight, I can understand if most people either forgot about it right after it ended or just didn’t pay any attention to it in the first place. At no point did Sansha Sanyou seem like a show that is trying to stand out among all the other shows of its season. Instead, it went for a laid-back approach in which it just did its own thing on its own terms. And it ended up doing that pretty well.

GDTL Sansha Sanyou 1

Indeed, Sansha Sanyou wasn’t very ambitious, but it made the most of what it did have. The animation was mostly great, and the art was very cute. It was also a fairly funny show in that the characters and their gimmicks were relatively well-handled. It may sound easy to come up with one gimmick for every character and then just write everything around those gimmicks, but it’s kind of depressing how many shows manage to either screw it up or just make it feel mediocre.

GDTL Sansha Sanyou 2

In my opinion, the most interesting thing about Sansha Sanyou is that it’s not really “about” anything. In an era where many cute girl shows try to distinguish themselves by having the cute girls actually doing something, it was very refreshing to see a show that didn’t try to, well, try so hard. Admittedly, at first it kind of threw me off balance, and it took me several episodes before I felt like the show really found its groove, but I think it paid off in the end. So much so that I would actually be happy if a second season was announced. Heck, I’m in fact kind of sad that the show ended so soon. I guess that just goes to show that a show doesn’t have to “be about” anything to be able to pique my interest.


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