Going Down The List: Samurai Flamenco


Due to the similarity of the titles between this show and Samurai Champloo, I almost forgot to write about it. That’s why it’s publishing today instead of last week. To be completely honest, had it been any other show, I would probably have ignored my mistake and left the post unwritten, but Samurai Flamenco is not a show I can ignore. I owe it a lot more than that.

GDTL Samurai Flamenco 1

The reason is that Samurai Flamenco had a huge impact on me. Out of all the new anime I’ve seen in the past 4 years, Samurai Flamenco is one of only a handful of shows that felt to me like they could become classics, whether instant or cult, maybe even leaving a lasting legacy. Because while it may not have been the most consistently good-looking or good-sounding or well-directed show, it was unique enough in a way that really caught my attention.

GDTL Samurai Flamenco 2

In some ways, Samurai Flamenco wasn’t just one show, it was a bunch of different shows with different genres stitched together into a patchwork abomination, because when the switches from genre to genre didn’t work, it really was abominable on occasion. But, in my opinion, Samurai Flamenco was an interesting abomination, because it was unlike all the other abominations I’d seen before. It’s kind of difficult to explain without spoiling all the twists and turns (though it has been 3 years since it started airing, so spoilers are probably everywhere now), but I think it’s a very worthwhile experience.


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