Going Down The List: Sekkou Boys


I’ll be honest: I found Sekkou Boys quite disappointing. Not just because its announcement seemed to cause everyone to lose their minds (somewhat justifiably so, I think, after all it’s about a bunch of plaster statues who are idols) and I admittedly got caught up in the frenzy, but also because I just didn’t find it that well-executed. I appreciated the ideas, but I think the story jumped all over the place and never really found a good groove to settle in. I didn’t think it was a bad show, but it also wasn’t very exciting.

GDTL Sekkou Boys 1

It’s not that the show entirely lack elements I liked. Some of the humour around the fact that the characters are statues was really funny, such as Hermes’ difficulties with consuming dessert leading to his face becoming progressively more covered in whipped cream. And Saint George was a great character, probably mostly because he was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. It’s just that in the end, it didn’t do that much for me, it just wasn’t my kind of show. On the upside, the sheer absurdity of the premise means that I will probably remember the show for a long time despite my lukewarm feelings toward it. It definitely stood out.



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