Going Down The List: Servant x Service


According to “The List”, this post should actually be about Serial Experiments Lain, but as I have already written about it, and because that post was more in-depth than these posts usually end up being, I thought it’d be fine to skip it. Now, Servant x Service is not the finest of substitutes for something like Lain, but (aside from potentially skipping shows I’ve already written about) I choose to do as the list says.

GDTL Servant x Service 1

However, that’s not to say that I think Servant x Service is a terrible show. Compared to many other anime it was relatively inoffensive, and the workplace setting (instead of the characters being in school) was refreshing to see, especially to the me who had just started watching anime half a year earlier and had yet to get used to the high school setting being so dominant in anime. Sure, the show could have done a whole lot more with its setting than it did, it chose instead to focus on the characters and their interpersonal relationships, but I felt like there was some good novelty to the show.

GDTL Servant x Service 2

The most memorable thing, though, was the characters. Lucy wasn’t the most interesting main character in the world, but Hasebe was funny in an occasionally obnoxious kind of way, and Megumi was great. Well, I say they were the most memorable thing about the show, but this is about as much as I remember. Cut me some slack, though, because it’s been over 3 years since the show aired, and I have only rarely seen it mentioned since then.


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