Going Down The List: Shinsekai Yori


I’m definitely overdue for a rewatch of this series, because to be frank I’ve forgotten most of what happens in it. I remember some of the details pertaining to the world and to its politics, but when it comes to specific scenes and moments in which characters talk about actually important stuff, my memories are very vague. I remember how the story affects the world and such, but I can’t remember what the characters think of it.

GDTL Shinsekai Yori 1

And, in retrospect, I think the reason I don’t remember is not just because it’s been a good while since I saw the show (some 3+ years), I think it’s also because when I watched it I focused too much on the plot and story making sense. And sure, the show has an interesting world, but now that I think about it the most interesting elements are about the characters and how they relate to the circumstances of their world. When I originally finished watching Shinsekai Yori, I called it “the most boring good show I’ve seen”, but I feel like if I watched it again from a different point of view, concentrating more on the characters, maybe it wouldn’t have to be as “boring” as the first time around.

GDTL Shinsekai Yori 2

And, I have to admit, I particularly want to see episode 8 again, because it turned out to be quite controversial among some people I knew back then (not so much nowadays). I probably don’t have to explain why, but in case some people don’t know: The episode has boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls. To be honest, I still can’t understand how some people take issue with the former but not the latter, but I digress. Considering the show as a coming-of-age kind of story, that romance and sexuality is incredibly interesting, because it’s not something that’s usually portrayed this seriously in anime. There’s value in watching that episode, I feel.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Shinsekai Yori

  1. I think I’d struggle to watch this again because even though I loved it while watching, some of the subject matter really gets you thinking and it is one of those shows that leaves you feeling a little out of sorts which means it isn’t something you watch for entertainment. I really enjoyed the characters in the show and how they each brought their own dilemmas to the plot. Must admit though, when I first started the show I really didn’t expect it to end the way it did.

  2. Shinsekai is fantastic and definitely deserving of a rewatch if its impression is fading. Episode 8 in particular was memorable for me, not only because of how suddenly it appeared and how it approached sexuality, but because it was one of the more striking pieces of world building in the show. It reminds the viewer that humanity in the way they are familiar with it is no longer the same and that these drastic changes are integral to both their survival and evolution.

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