Going Down The List: Shounen Maid


It hasn’t been very long since Shounen Maid aired, but I’d still mostly forgotten about it until I got to this point in the list. It was a very inconspicuous show, especially compared to other similar shows. It’s not as crazy as Hayate no Gotoku and… well, I guess that’s about the only point of comparison I have. It’s like Hayate no Gotoku, but not as crazy and with more boys than girls.

GDTL Shounen Maid 1

That’s not to imply that I didn’t like it, though. I thought Shounen Maid was a very cute and occasionally funny show, with a not terrible story. Most importantly of all, it was enjoyable throughout, with only a few boring episodes here and there. And the characters weren’t creepy, or at least I don’t remember any of them being creepy. It’s a pretty wholesome show. I recommend it.

GDTL Shounen Maid 2


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