Going Down The List: Sore ga Seiyuu!


To those of you excited about the prospect of a post about So Ra No Wo To, I’m unfortunately going to have to disappoint you, because I’ve already written about it (and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it). However, I will say that since watching the show and writing that post I have seen the OVA, and I liked it a lot in many ways. So that’s a good sign in case I ever decide to rewatch the show. Anyway, this post right here is supposed to be about Sore ga Seiyuu, so let’s get to it.

GDTL Sore ga Seiyuu 1

I haven’t written much about Sore ga Seiyuu, and while I have mentioned – in passing – that I thought it was a decent and maybe even good show, I haven’t clarified on exactly why I think that. Well, to be honest, a large part of it was the cameos by several high-profile voice actors, including – but not limited to – Hiroshi Kamiya (whose scenes consisted mostly of him being excited about cats) and Yui Horie (who is apparently aloof and has disheveled hair when not on stage, or at least in the universe this show takes place in). Another thing I liked was how the main characters’ struggle finally paid off in the end. That’s a pretty mundane thing, I know, and depending on how you define it most shows probably fit the bill, but in the case of this show the happiness of the characters just shone through really strongly, and it made me feel good.

GDTL Sore ga Seiyuu 2

Unfortunately, not everything about the show was that great. The visuals weren’t particularly impressive, neither the character designs nor the animation. In fact, it was one of the worst-looking shows of its season. I guess this lent it kind of a unique charm, but mostly it was just not very good. And I’m also not sure what to think of the overall story. Obviously it worked on some level, the aforementioned payoff was there, but it wasn’t really memorable in any other way. In the end, as a whole the show was pretty so-so, but it did have those good and enjoyable moments, and I think that’s worth something.


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