Going Down The List: Starmyu


Starmyu, also known as High School Star Musical, is a weird show to me. At first, about halfway through the show (and again after finishing it), I thought I liked it because I just happened to like those kinds of idol shows, regardless of the genders of the characters. However, 6 months later, the Summer 2016 anime season proved that theory to be wrong, because I loathed Tsukiuta and B-Project. I watched one episode of both and then promptly forgot about them, because they were extremely boring. So, Starmyu ended up being a unique case, but why?

GDTL Starmyu 1

Well, I guess it was because Starmyu is actually an honest-to-god musical. Parts of the story and the character introductions are done through song and dance and background art, and it actually really worked in my opinion. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the songs, I rarely am when it comes to idol shows, but as a style of storytelling I enjoyed them greatly, especially when the lyrics and background art got really crazy. I also found the show funny, especially when it came to the jokes that utilised the musical nature of the the show.

GDTL Starmyu 2

Ultimately, though, Starmyu didn’t end up being one of my favourite idol shows, but it did end up being memorable, and I’m happy about the fact that it’s getting a second season at some point in the future. I actually think it deserves that much.


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