Winter 2017 First Impressions: Part 1


This show is not a show that stands out. The first episode was uneventful. It didn’t look fantastic either. The characters and their personalities are kind of plain (it’s a harem kind of show after all), and the voice acting is so-so. Were this a normal season, where I would be watching between 20 and 30 new shows, this is probably where I’d say farewell to Seiren, but as things are, I may have the time and the patience to keep up with this show.

Winter 2017 Seiren

I really really like the faces in this show.

Because while it may not end up standing out next to the shows that I’m actually looking forward to this season (like Rakugo, LWA and MaiDragon), Seiren does have some elements that I like. The character designs are very beautiful, and the pure school setting is actually a refreshing change from all the sports anime I’ve been watching lately. It’s also just… cute. Cute students going to school and doing school things, cutely. Good enough for me right now.

Verdict: Very ordinary, not very exciting. Still enjoyable though.


Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu

Well, that was slightly more exciting. But only slightly. It’s mostly like every other show where a character transfers into a new school and joins a club and finds a passion, but… well, there really are no buts, that’s all that it is so far. It also reminds me of Bakuon a lot, probably because the two shows’ main characters are voiced by the same actress, Reina Ueda.

Winter 2017 Minakama

I do love me some beautiful backgrounds.

Despite being like every other show of its kind, it wasn’t boring. The premise being a bicycling club wasn’t really as immediately interesting as I thought it’d be, but the background art being gorgeous made up for some of it. The character designs were kind of boring, but as a whole the show looked pretty good. Good enough to continue for now.

Verdict: Bicycles weren’t as interesting as I wanted them to be, but not a bad premiere.


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