Winter 2017 First Impressions: Part 3

Nyanko Days

Winter 2017 Nyanko Days


Surprisingly, this is the first short so far this season. But what a short it is. Not very actively animated, but amazingly cute. Not much of a story so far, but adorable characters. On the theme side, however, there’s potential: The main character is lonely (when not at home with her kitties, that is), so there’s an opportunity for some very heartwarming friendship-related character development. Aaaaand that’s basically it. That’s the show. The three kitties are anthropomorphic, they are cute, and it’s good.

Verdict: Lovely. What more is there to say?


Little Witch Academia (TV)

I did not expect Little Witch Academia TV to be everything I wanted it to be and more. I hoped it would, but I actually expected to be a little disappointed. Well, I wasn’t, because the premiere of LWA TV was fantastic. The opening scene mirrored the opening of the original OVA, and it was great. I also liked that the story proper started “from the very beginning”, when Akko is just entering the academy for the first time. Sure, Akko didn’t really require an elaborate character introduction, but it was nice to see Sucy and Lotte get proper introductions.

Winter 2017 LWA

The return of great Akko faces as well.

The only thing about the first episode that sort of rubbed me the wrong way was the apparent retconning vis-à-vis the Shiny Rod. Now that I think about it, though, it might be better to do it this way instead of trying to fit the events of the original OVA into a later part of the TV series, so I’m not too dissatisfied with how this premiere turned out (yeah, that’s an understatement). This is definitely going to be one of my favourites of the season.

Verdict: It’s LWA! 2 cours of it! What more could I ask for!?


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