Going Down The List: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu


It has been a long, long time since I watched Haruhi for the first and only time. So long in fact that I’m probably overdue for a rewatch. Now, I keep saying that I should rewatch various shows (and I never end up doing so), but in the case of Haruhi the temptation is strong, for multiple reasons. First of all, because it’s a very famous show, and when I watched it the first time I knew almost nothing about anime so I couldn’t really see all the things and references people were talking about. And secondly, I watched the show in chronological order the first time, and I want to experience it in broadcast order as well.

GDTL Haruhi 1

I should clarify, however, that this only applies to the first season. I’m not sure I want to rewatch the second season, especially considering it contains Endless Eight. Sure, it was kind of exciting the first time, but sitting through all of it again might be too much for me. That said, The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya contains some very interesting moments which I really want to see, so I’m still kind of undecided on how exactly I would do an eventual rewatch.

GDTL Haruhi 2

And then there’s Disappearance. I absolutely loved it the first time I watched it, but for some reason I haven’t felt the urge to rewatch it (apart from a few individual scenes), and I’m not sure why. I have, however, seen a few other KyoAni movies since then, so it might be fun to rewatch Disappearance just for all that KyoAni goodness.


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