Going Down The List: Taboo Tattoo


Taboo Tattoo is a pretty recent show (Summer 2016), and it’s also a very weird one. On one hand it’s extremely like an LN adaptation when it comes to its characterisation, story and mechanics (it’s actually based on a manga, though), but it has a crazy sense of humour that you don’t really see in the stereotypical harem LN adaptations. In retrospect, I would never have picked up Taboo Tattoo mid-season or after it finished airing, it wasn’t that good of a show, but I don’t think I regret watching it while it aired.

GDTL Taboo Tattoo 1

The show had a few really obvious upsides: Firstly, almost consistently great animation. The fight scenes looked very good, on par with the best shows of the year in my opinion. There was also a variety of funny-looking faces and self-referential jokes (and pop culture references). These don’t always tickle my fancy, but this show somehow managed to do it. And, last but not least, the character names: Justice, Bluesy Fluesy, and Tom Shredfield, not to even mention Colonel Sanders (later promoted to Brigadier General).

GDTL Taboo Tattoo 2

Actually, now that I think about it, was there anything that I didn’t like about this show? Well, aside from the whole premise, what with people having tattoos that grant them supernatural and sometimes Stand-like powers. That part of the show never worked for me, nor did the “geopolitical” story. I can barely even remember what happened in the final episode. But, that doesn’t have to matter too much. After all, I got a lot of enjoyment (and many good screencaps) out of the show, and sometimes that’s good enough.

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