Winter 2017 Spotlight: Surprise and Disappointment of the Season

This is going to be a pretty short one, because as you may remember, I picked up very few shows this season. And while my surprise of the season will end up being an actual honest to god surprise, I did not have to think twice about the disappointment. It’s funny actually, because you’d think that the fewer shows one picks up, the more difficult it is to find one truly disappointing show, but fortunately that is not the case for me, at least not this particular season.

Disappointment of the Season: Hand Shakers

I doubt this comes as a surprise to most people. Considering I’ve only dropped two shows this season it really came down to either Hand Shakers or Idol Jihen, but Idol Jihen was merely boring and uninteresting, while Hand Shakers actually irritated me.

Winter 2017 Spotlight Hand Shakers

And, to be completely honest, it’s not the art style and animation. No, I can deal with that. I actually kind of liked how crazy it looked. But the story… Oh god the story! It was the most generic kind of superpower tragic romance good vs evil battle show I’ve ever seen, it didn’t even manage to hold my attention for 10 minutes. And the villain at the end, what was that!? Yeah, no, I’m probably going to watch GoHands next show, I generally like them, I don’t even care if it looks exactly like Hand Shakers. As long as it doesn’t have the same story as Hand Shakers, I’ll probably be fine with anything.


Surprise of the Season: Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)

It would have been more difficult to choose a winner in this category – the candidates included Rakugo Shinjuu, Little Witch Academia and MaiDragon after all – had I not picked up Scum’s Wish, which ended up being so surprising that I didn’t even pick it up until episode 2 had aired. What I expected from it was a generic harem show with comedy and stuff like that, that is to say the kind of stuff that I don’t really like anymore (especially when the stuff is combined).

Winter 2017 Spotlight Kuzu no Honkai

What I got instead was a surprisingly self-serious drama about love, sex, LGBT issues (to a certain extent) and unrequited feelings. Sure, it has its romcom elements and funny faces and jokes, but at its core it’s very much a drama. And a stylish one at that. The art and framing choices are pretty ambitious, but the show does look really good. Like much better than I would have expected. I wouldn’t say it’s constantly “fun” to watch, but it’s definitely eye candy and the drama is really enjoyable. I’m glad I was coerced into picking it up.


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