Going Down The List: Tari Tari


The first and (so far) only time I watched Tari Tari I did so on a whim. I had activated a 48-hour Crunchyroll Premium Pass in order to be able to watch all of Saki. I marathoned all of it in less than 24 hours, and because I didn’t want to waste the other 24 hours, I picked up another show at random. That show was Tari Tari. It was one of the best impulsive choices I’ve made with regard to anime.

GDTL Tari Tari 1

Tari Tari is primarily a slice of life show in the same vein as other shows by P.A. Works, such as Nagi no Asukara And RDG: Red Data Girl. And like those shows, Tari Tari also has its fair share of drama. A large part of the drama pertains to relatable topics such as deciding what to do after high school and how to find your own path in life even if it’s in conflict with your parents’ expectations. But, because it’s an anime, there’s also some school club-related drama. Not that I’m saying that’s bad, though. The club in question being a choir is very interesting, and it makes for some very entertaining climax moments.

GDTL Tari Tari 2

I guess you could call Tari Tari a musical of sorts. It’s not as much of a musical as, for instance, Starmyu, but the fact that many of the songs are reflective of the characters’ emotions is characteristic of musicals (at least as far as I understand them). And fortunately for the show, the songs are the best part of the show. Kokoro no Senritsu (Melody of the Heart) in particular is one of my favourite anime songs of all time. Listening to it still gives me chills, 4 whole years after I watched the show. I’d say it’s worth watching the show just for that song (and maybe the finale).


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