Going Down The List: Tekkon Kinkreet


Tekkon Kinkreet is a movie about crime, gangs and turf wars, but most of all it’s about family and staying true to yourself. It’s a pretty action-heavy film, at least at times, but the character relationship between Black and White is the main point of the movie in my opinion. And it alone is reason enough for me to recommend the movie (because I do love myself a good family story).

GDTL Tekkon Kinkreet 1

I initially remembered that this movie was directed by Masaaki Yuasa, but that is incorrect. I think the confusion arose from the fact that Tekkon Kinkreet is based on a manga by Taiyou Matsumoto, who also wrote Ping Pong, the anime adaptation of which was directed by Yuasa. This is mostly tangential, but I think it shows that Matsumoto’s art and style shines through so strongly that it makes me draw nonexistent connections between his different works. And I mean this as a compliment, because I love the style of Tekkon Kinkreet (and Ping Pong for that matter). I really want to read Sunny at some point.

GDTL Tekkon Kinkreet 2

The anime adaptation of Tekkon Kinkreet is, however, remarkable in itself as well, for a very unexpected reason: It’s directed by American-born filmmaker Michael Arias. I can’t tell exactly how meaningful that is for the creation of the movie, but I do think he managed to give the film a very distinct kind of flavour. I really hope he gets to direct another feature film at some point.

One thought on “Going Down The List: Tekkon Kinkreet

  1. I’ve been trying to sit down with a friend and watch this for the past 3 weekends – hopefully I finally succeed this week! I really like the design of Ping Pong and from the clips I’ve seen, the movie looks like a lot of fun.

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