Going Down The List: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


In retrospect, I’m impressed by my achievement with this series: Being able to watch 4×24 episodes of a single franchise in the time span of only a few months. More than anything else, I think that is a testament (no pun intended) to just how much I like the world the series is set in. I’m sad there haven’t been any installments of the anime since 2013, mostly because I’d never have the patience to read the light novels or manga, because I’d really like to see more.

GDTL Railgun 1

There is, however, a caveat, and it’s intimately connected to the reason why I titled this post after the spin-off series, Railgun, instead of the parent series, Toaru Majutsu no Index. This reason is that I cannot stand Touma and Index, the main characters of the latter. I much prefer Misaka and her friends in Railgun (though Misaka does show up quite a lot in Index as well). I won’t go into detail about why I dislike Touma and Index so much, but this is the main reason why I would never have the patience for the LN series.

GDTL Railgun 2

Railgun, though, is a really cool series in my opinion, so much so that I’ve seen the second season, Railgun S, twice. Not that I have anything against the first season, I should actually watch it again at some point, but I particularly liked how S did drama, and the members of ITEM were great additions to the cast. I also really like the finale. It was a bit cliché with the whole “everyone coming together to fight the bad guys”, but a little cliché now and then isn’t bad at all.


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