Going Down The List: Wakaba*Girl


I was a huge fan of Wakaba Girl when it aired. The OP was super catchy and cute, the characters were good and the faces, and comedy in general, were funny. I was a little bit disappointed that it was a short-format show with 7-minute episodes, but then again that meant that the jokes never really had the chance to go stale. It was a fun little experience.

GDTL Wakaba Girl 1

In retrospect, however, I realise that the reason I liked Wakaba Girl so much had less to do with the show in itself and more to do with the fact that it was like a surrogate for the second season of Kiniro Mosaic, which had aired the season before. The two series were even originally created by the same mangaka! So yeah, maybe Wakaba Girl wasn’t quite as good in its own right as I originally thought, but I had fun with it, and that should always count for something.

GDTL Wakaba Girl 2


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